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Physical Education
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What are specials?
Birney is unique in many ways. We are proud to offer additional programs that are not typically offered in other elementary schools. Specials and our highly-trained specialist teachers are an integral and necessary element to delivering a one-of-a-kind International Baccalaureate program of inquiry for every student. We thank our families for supporting these important classes and specialists.

Specials enable our students to experience learning in a new environment with a specialist in their field. Students can shine as they try new skills and learn from subject-area specialists. This unique structure also allows teachers to collaborate as a team once a week while their students go to these highly engaging enrichment classes. Students attend these classes weekly and learning experiences are aligned to what they are learning in the classroom. Our Specials educators are providing unique family resources and specialist content to students both in person and through expertly curated resources available on their websites 24/7. Be sure to bookmark our Specials @ home websites.

Please make a note of your children's specials day so you can help our students remember to come prepared: dress for Physical Education (athletic shoes are a MUST); art (clothes might get messy), and to bring their library book so they can return it and get a new book they have on hold.

If your children find transitions challenging, you may want to prepare them for specials day ahead of time. Remind them they will visit several areas of the school and see several teachers throughout the day. If your child is struggling academically, the teachers may keep your child out of specials for one or two classes to provide additional instruction.

If your child is already enjoying their creative classes at Birney, ask them about their day in "specials". They will have a lot to talk about. Unique FUNdraisers help pay for our Specialists and unique, student-centered learning experiences for all of our students. We thank you for supporting our unique IB framework of education. 

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