Game Rules

Specific Game Rules for Playground


  • Walking or skipping only on blacktop, no running except when required in a game
  • No "blasting" or kicking balls
  • Play only with same grade level peers

Four Square

  • Wait with your feet behind the line
  • New person in square is the server
  • New player tosses the ball to the number four player to start the game
  • Open hand, underhand
  • Ball is fair only if it bounces in the outer square
  • Hitter is out if ball bounces on a line, if player misses the ball or if player hits illegally
  • No "do overs," "teams" or "betters"
  • No catching, holding, blasting or spiking
  • Player in possession of the ball at freeze bell will return the ball


  • Third through fifth grade only; half courts only
  • 10 players maximum
  • Equal numbers on teams
  • Grade levels stay in assigned areas
  • Offense must pass three times before attempting a hoop shot
  • 5-second possession only
  • Loser gets ball at half-court at basket
  • Ball at sideline in case of double dribble, traveling or out of bounds
  • Game over at freeze bell
  • Player in possession of the ball at freeze bell will return the ball


  • Hit the ball with open hand(s)
  • One player only per side
  • Next player in line is the referee
  • Game ends when rope is wound completely around the pole
  • Winner chooses side or serve
  • Game over at freeze bell
  • Players are out when they:
    • Touch the pole or rope
    • Step out of side
    • Stop and push ball
    • Hold ball
    • Double hit ball
    • Dribble ball in the air

Wall Ball

  • Two players at a time
  • Incoming player serves by throwing ball a wall
  • Ball must bounce once on ground before hitting wall
  • Receiving player must hit the ball, open-handed, either before it bounces or after one bounce
  • Play continues until the ball...
    •  bounces on a line or out of court
    • bounces more than once before it is returned
    • hits the wall without bouncing on ground first
    • is caught before it is hit
  • When player is out, they go to the end of the line and a new player comes in

Play Structure Bars

  • Hold bar with both hands
  • Wait your turn
  • Do not "help" or touch anyone on bars
  • Do not jump off or sit/stand on the bars
  • One direction only
  • Do not wait/linger on the bars or the slides

Play Structure Platforms

  • No chasing or "tag" games
  • Take turns
  • No blocking others


  • One person at a time
  • Only go down the slide, not up
  • Do not push or chase


  • Put the marker in the first space, and then go in order. Hop over marker
  • You're out if you touch a space with a marker or step on a line
  • Go to the end, turn and return, and pick up marker on the way
  • Toss your marker to your next square

Swings (Kindergarten Yard Only)

  • Only one at at time on the swing
  • No standing on the swing
  • Move forward and backward only
  • No pushing, running between or standing in front of the swings.
  • Stand in front of swing on green area to count
  • Count as instructed
  • Stop swing, and then get off. No jumping off the swing
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