Rewards for Good Attendance

Take a "Limo Ride" to Perfect Attendance!

Any student who is able to achieve more than 170 days of perfect attendance during a school year is eligible for the "Limo Ride" attendance reward in June. These are students who show zero tardies and zero absences on their report cards. The full-day absences that are permissible for the "Limo Ride" are completed CIS contract days, (C code), an excused absence (E code), religious holiday (R code) or bereavement (M code). The only permissible tardy/leave-early reason is a medical appointment. All other absences, even  illnesses, count against the "Limo Ride."

How Do We Celebrate Positive Attendance?

We celebrate school attendance in a variety of ways: whole school, classroom, individual, as well as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

Attendance incentives include:

  • When an entire grade level is present on any given day, they get a treat such as extra recess.
  • A class with perfect attendance all week gets a set of Perfect Attendance pencils.
  • The 5 top classes with the best attendance is recognized in the Birney Buzz and gets extra playtime.
  • Individuals with 100% perfect attendance all year earn a limo ride from Masterpiece Limo to get ice cream at Mariposa Ice Cream.
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