Birthdays and Holidays

Birthday Celebrations - Check with Teacher First

For more information: SDUSD Wellness Policy & CA Smart Snack List

Some of our students have severe allergies.

Teacher Notification - Plan Ahead
Make sure you get teacher approval at least two weeks in advance. We encourage a celebration involving play and fun, or reading a favorite story. Ask your child's teacher if you can celebrate by having the class get a few minutes of outside play - the same time it would take to eat those cupcakes, or if you can donate a book to the classroom or school library in honor of your child!

Class Parties and Holidays

Similarly to birthday celebrations, we strive to understand, tolerate and respect the differences among us at Birney. For this reason, all class parties are related to the IB curriculum or are based on incentives accumulated through the Positive Behavior Support system. We will only celebrate that which can be celebrated by all, such as the culmination of a class incentive to earn points or marbles, rather than a holiday which may not be shared by all involved.

Birthdays may be celebrated during the last 15 minutes of the school day. Our wellness plan discourages bringing cupcakes or other sugar-laden foods to school for birthdays.

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